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What Triggers Drain Clogs and Backups?

Experiencing a backed-up drain can be both inconvenient and exasperating. The leading culprit for this issue is often clogged pipes.

When items like tissues, wet wipes, feminine products, soap residue, grease, fat and oil, large bones, or various foreign objects find their way into the drains of your residential or commercial property, they can readily cause blockages.

Additional common causes of drain backups encompass tree roots, pipe misalignment, partially collapsed pipe or pipe belly, and fully collapsed pipes. These issues may necessitate plumbing repair service.

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How to Avoid Frequent Plumbing Repairs

In certain instances, it is feasible to prevent drain backups and circumvent the need for plumbing repairs. This can be achieved by adhering to guidelines such as only flushing appropriate items down the toilet, limiting disposal of wet wipes, feminine products, or other foreign materials. Additionally, avoiding pouring grease or substantial food items into the garbage disposal is crucial.

Nevertheless, even with vigilance in household practices, backups can occasionally occur beyond our control, rooted deeper than routine tasks can address.

Identifying the Need for Plumbing Repair

When confronted with drain or pipe backup issues, a trained plumbing professional can evaluate the situation and determine the appropriate solution.

Typically, a repair may be recommended if the pipe is reasonably accessible, adequately sized for the home’s occupants, and possesses a reasonably favorable life expectancy following the cost of the repair.

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The Plumbing Repair Process

The initial step in our class-leading plumbing services involves marking the sewer pipe and utilities, followed by a thorough assessment of the damage. After determining the location of the damaged pipes via a drain camera inspection, utility lines are marked by relevant authorities. Excavation is then undertaken for all repairs to ensure the proper installation of the new pipe, ensuring longevity.

Why Entrust Our Experts for Your Sewer & Drain Needs?

Undertaking a sewer line repair is a substantial undertaking, emphasizing the importance of selecting the right team for a successful outcome. Opting for our team of plumbers for your drain repair comes with numerous benefits, including:

  • Use of professional, high-quality parts and materials
  • Highly trained, licensed, and experienced service professionals
  • Transparent upfront pricing for clarity on costs
  • Family-owned, locally independent, and deeply invested in the community
  • Full responsibility for liability, permits, and cleanup

Choose Miranda Plumbing for Your Drain Services

The choice is evident. When your drain requires repair, avoid neglecting the issue or relying on a company that isn’t wholly dedicated to your needs.

For expert plumbing repair services, get in touch today!

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Sharon Bennett
Sharon Bennett
David came out and was professional and very knowledgeable and explained my air conditioning issues in great detail. Won't use anyone else going forward!! Thank you Miranda plumbing and David B.
Linda Salmon
Linda Salmon
Quick and knowledgeable! AC fixes quickly
Sally Belcher
Sally Belcher
He was polite and professional. He advised me of some items not to be down the disposal that I was not aware of.
June Dominguez
June Dominguez
Knowledgeable, efficient, respectful, very pleasant, appears to be content & positive with his work. Knowledgable.
Jennifer McMahon
Jennifer McMahon
He was awesome Thank yo
Sandy Ciccaglione
Sandy Ciccaglione
Dennis was great
Cathy Sughrue
Cathy Sughrue
This is the second year David has done my annual inspection. He is professional and has a very pleasant manner. I will continue to request he service my air conditioner.
Lynn Marie
Lynn Marie
I cannot thank you enough for delivering on an emergency situation! I was distraught about the whole ordeal and you made it workable to a resolution I can manage! I feel blessed that I was referred to you! New Hot Water Heater and no more indoor flood! Steven is a gentleman and patiently explained every step to me along the way! Day 2 enter Norbey who did the second part of this install having to work in a very space Yet another pleasant and knowledgeable Miranda plumbing expert. Job well done ! A great company to do business with!
Stephen Zambelli
Stephen Zambelli
Very professional,informative,polite,thorough,worked fast but took the time to answer any questions.I will definitely use them again next year for my AC service.
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