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At Miranda Plumbing and Air Conditioning, your safety and comfort matter. It’s why we always treat your property with the utmost respect, never pressure you to choose our work, and deliver competitive, guaranteed quotes without sacrificing on quality. We make sure to provide the best service possible,



Miranda Is A Plumbing And AC Service Company That Cares

Miranda Plumbing and Air Conditioning is a customer-centered service company, focused on showing up on time, treating your home with respect, and always providing upfront, honest pricing.

Drain Cleaning Services in South Florida

With Miranda Plumbing and Air Conditioning

Drains carry all different kinds of waste, including oils, papers, hair, and more. That is why every type of drain is at risk for clogging. Sometimes the clogs are small and water still drains slowly. Other times the clogs are thick and water can no longer flow through the pipes – and may even come back up. Whatever the challenge may be, it’s a usually a sign that you need drain cleaning.

Miranda Plumbing and Air Conditioning is the region’s most trusted name in drain cleaning. Our team is happy to take on all clogged drains, using our experience, technology, and commitment to customer care to make sure that the drain is working properly and will continue to function in the weeks and months to come.

If you need help with drain cleaning, call us at (844) 335-1585 . We are based in Port St. Lucie and proudly serve all of the communities in the region, including Vero Beach, Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, and more.

About Our Drain Cleaning Services

Once any tap water has left the faucet, it becomes wastewater. Some of that wastewater makes only minimal contact with pathogens, like when you turn on the shower before stepping inside. But other water, like toilet water, is contaminated with germs and bacteria.

Normally that water is whisked away through the drain. But if your drain clogs, suddenly that wastewater lingers. Over time, your drains may stop working completely.

If you’re concerned about a drain problem, or you know that your drain is clogged, let Miranda Plumbing and Air Conditioning help. We strongly believe in honesty and transparency. Before we even begin trying to clean a clog, we make sure that a clog is a problem, show you what we’ve found, and then provide you with a flat rate quote to clean it.

We use advanced equipment to help us unclog essentially any type of drain, including:

Why Choose Miranda Plumbing?

Even something as minor as a lightly clogged drain has the potential to be an ongoing and frustrating inconvenience. At Miranda Plumbing and Air Conditioning, we know that you’re looking for a plumber that will respond to the call – someone that is available to come to the appointment on time, correctly diagnose the situation, provide guaranteed services and, above all else, treat you and your property with respect.

Even something as minor as a lightly clogged drain has the potential to be an ongoing and frustrating inconvenience. At Miranda Plumbing and Air Conditioning, we know that you’re looking for a plumber that will respond to the call – someone that is available to come to the appointment on time, correctly diagnose the situation, provide guaranteed services and, above all else, treat you and your property with respect.

Whether it’s 24 hour services for emergencies, logistics software to ensure that every plumber comes on time, or fully stocked trucks to complete all your drain cleaning work in a single visit, Miranda Plumbing and Air Conditioning will be there to get the job done. Our costs are highly competitive, we use flat rate guaranteed pricing, and we stand behind our work with parts and labor guarantees for nearly every service we provide.

Expert Plumbing and AC Repair

Miranda is a full service plumbing and AC company that specializes in a wide range of support for both residential and commercial property owners. We arrive with a fully stocked tuck that is ready to address any of the most common or unexpected AC, pipe, water heater, sewer line, or other related challenges. Miranda Plumbing and Air Conditioning have a mobile team ready to arrive fast throughout South Florida and provide you with scheduled service or 24-hour emergency help.

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Our plumber will arrive at your front door ready to work on your Drain. While at work, the plumber will wear protective shoe covers in your home at all times and lay down spotless drop covers to protect the workspace and keep your home clean.


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Your opinion matters to us. That’s why our technicians will always ask you to provide feedback after they complete your AC Maintenance Service. This is also the perfect time to let us know if something went wrong, so we can quickly remedy the situation!

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Since 1981, Miranda Plumbing & Air Conditioning has provided both residential and commercial support for AC repair, AC maintenance, pipe repair, sewer pipe lining, and many other services for air conditioners and plumbing fixtures across the region.

We offer traditional scheduled service, including same-day support, as well as 24-hour emergency plumbing and AC repair throughout St. Lucie, Palm Beach, Martin, and Indian River Counties. Based in Port St. Lucie, our service area includes all cities and towns from Vero Beach to West Palm Beach and everything in between.

Satisfied Clients


I was very happy with his service. He wore his mask on the entire time, kept a safe distance and wore his paper shoes. He showed me the work that needed to be done and gave me an estimate before starting. Overall very satisfied.


Anita Tuttle


Pedro, very professional in all aspects of the removal and installation of a new water heater for our home. He was polite in his interactions with us, and took care to leave the areas clean, with no issues.


Kenneth Shepard


Remove water heater installed new cold water pipes to kitchen sink. Work was done quickly and very clean and neat I would recommend Miranda plumbing


Bob Soleau


Got questions? We are here to help.

If it’s a minor clog up near the top of the gasket, you can often get in there with some DIY tools available at the local hardware store. For more complicated clogs that are further down in the pipes or in toilets and other fixtures, it’s typically a good idea to work with a plumber that has the tools and experience needed to thoroughly remove the clog.

Sometimes it’s what you put down the drain that causes problems. For example, if you dump oil down the drain, or you put paper towels or products that do not decompose in the drain, clogs may be more common. In some cases, the issue could be damage to a drain line – especially if you have an old sewer that may have cracks in the surface. We can provide a diagnosis when we’re there.

Draino, and other liquid clog removers, are not recommended for anything except for the rare mild clog. Chemical drain cleaners use very harsh chemicals that are powerful enough to weaken or damage your pipes. This can be especially risky if the Draino was unable to clear out the clog, as the damaging chemicals will end up sitting in the pipe for longer. They can also damage septic tanks and are toxic to people.

If none of your drains are working properly, the issue may be a clogged main sewer line. Sometimes this is an easy fix, requiring only a long snake and access to the sewer. Other times, the issue may be something more serious, like a tree root that grew into the line. We have 24 hour services for emergencies, and we can schedule service right away to see what the problem is and let you know what solutions will work best.

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