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Indoor Air Quality Service


Why Choose Us?

At Miranda Plumbing and Air Conditioning, your safety and comfort matter. It’s why we always treat your property with the utmost respect, never pressure you to choose our work, and deliver competitive, guaranteed quotes without sacrificing on quality. We make sure to provide the best service possible,



Miranda Is A Plumbing And AC Service Company That Cares

Miranda Plumbing and Air Conditioning is a customer-centered service company, focused on showing up on time, treating your home with respect, and always providing upfront, honest pricing.

Miranda's Indoor Air Quality Services

We often feel as though the air inside of our homes is safer and healthier than the air outside. But that is not always the case, and when your indoor air quality suffers, it quickly becomes an issue that is not only comfort related, but potentially damaging to your health and wellness.

Miranda Plumbing and Air Conditioning provides indoor air quality services (IAQ) to improve the scent, breathability, and cleanliness of the air within your home. If you are concerned about your air quality or have reason to believe that you’re struggling with an indoor air issue, let Miranda Plumbing and Air Conditioning earn your trust.

Improve the quality of the air you’re breathing in your home. Call us today at (844) 335-1585 and schedule an appointment.

Factors That Affect Indoor Air Quality

When your indoor air is clean, this is not a problem. But when something is affecting your indoor air quality, you may find yourself breathing in uncomfortable or potentially harmful pathogens.

The typical property is well insulated and sealed to protect against issues like heat, outdoor allergens, humidity, and energy loss. But those same features that keep out the outdoor air also trap indoor air.

Part of our service is about identifying the possible causes of indoor air quality (IAQ) issues. These may include:

  • Dust and Allergens
  • Mold and Mildew Spores
  • Unexpectedly High Humidity Levels
  • Chemicals and Gasses
  • Smoke, Soot, and More


Some of these issues are merely comfort based. But others, like mold, could be a more serious and significant hazard – one that needs to be addressed by an experienced professional. It is our role at Miranda Plumbing and Air Conditioning to identify not only the cause of air quality issue(s), but also the urgency, risks, and the type of solutions that will best fit the problem.

Once we have an idea of what is available – or if you have something you’re specifically looking for – we will be happy to provide a flat rate quote with possible solutions.

Installations and Indoor Air Quality Services

Because there are many potential causes of IAQ issues, there are also many potential solutions. There are situations where the solution may be as simple as swapping out a duct, cleaning an AC, or performing a similar task to an existing system within your property that is malfunctioning or needs help. But other times, it may be useful to consider the installation of a new IAQ-specific system.

There are several effective IAQ devices that are effective for improving the comfort, the clarity, and the health of the household. We are able to replace or install these systems and products in most properties, including:

Why Choose Miranda?

When we’re talking about the air inside your home, we’re talking about something that affects the health, safety, and comfort of your entire family. In commercial properties, the quality of the air is a customer service issue and, in some cases, a legal one. These are situations when it’s important to have someone you trust that can assist you no matter what the challenges may be.

Our mission here at Miranda Plumbing and Air Conditioning is to provide the transparent, knowledgeable, trustworthy solutions to keep your plumbing, AC, or other IAQ device working properly. From new installations to repair to maintenance, we want you to feel like you’re working with someone that genuinely cares about your experience.

Expert Plumbing and AC Repair

Miranda is a full service plumbing and AC company that specializes in a wide range of support for both residential and commercial property owners. We arrive with a fully stocked tuck that is ready to address any of the most common or unexpected AC, pipe, water heater, sewer line, or other related challenges. Miranda Plumbing and Air Conditioning have a mobile team ready to arrive fast throughout South Florida and provide you with scheduled service or 24-hour emergency help.

Process: 4 Easy Steps


Schedule your Indoor Air Quality Service

Call us at (844) 335-1585 or Schedule an Appointment online.
Our customer relationship team will schedule an expert technician to visit your home at your earliest convenience.


Meet your Technician

A day before your scheduled service, our team will confirm your appointment and send you an email with your technician’s name, a photo, and a short bio with some fun facts about their background.


Relax while we work on your Indoor Air Quality Service

Our technicians will arrive at your front door ready to work on your AC system. While at work, the tech will wear protective shoe covers in your home at all times and lay down spotless drop covers to protect the workspace and keep your home clean.


Let us Know How We Did

Your opinion matters to us. That’s why our technicians will always ask you to provide feedback after they complete your AC Maintenance Service. This is also the perfect time to let us know if something went wrong, so we can quickly remedy the situation!

Areas We Serve

Since 1981, Miranda Plumbing & Air Conditioning has provided both residential and commercial support for AC repair, AC maintenance, pipe repair, sewer pipe lining, and many other services for air conditioners and plumbing fixtures across the region.

We offer traditional scheduled service, including same-day support, as well as 24-hour emergency plumbing and AC repair throughout St. Lucie, Palm Beach, Martin, and Indian River Counties. Based in Port St. Lucie, our service area includes all cities and towns from Vero Beach to West Palm Beach and everything in between.


We always show up at the expected time.

Value for money

We treat the property with respect.


Up front pricing, and pressure free.

Value for money

Our team is licensed, bonded and insured.

We even offer 24-hour emergency solutions when needed,
or after-hours support for those that are simply not
available during typical business hours.


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Satisfied Clients


I was very happy with his service. He wore his mask on the entire time, kept a safe distance and wore his paper shoes. He showed me the work that needed to be done and gave me an estimate before starting. Overall very satisfied.


Anita Tuttle


Pedro, very professional in all aspects of the removal and installation of a new water heater for our home. He was polite in his interactions with us, and took care to leave the areas clean, with no issues.


Kenneth Shepard


Remove water heater installed new cold water pipes to kitchen sink. Work was done quickly and very clean and neat I would recommend Miranda plumbing


Bob Soleau


Got questions? We are here to help.

Sometimes, IAQ problems are apparent as a result of odors. Other times it’s allergens. You may also notice excess humidity, or you may simply feel like the air in your home feels uncomfortable in some form. Often, you’ll know there is a problem, and in theory we can always come to provide an honest IAQ assessment for those that want to make sure their family is safe.

It often does not have to be. It will depend on the challenge, of course, but many indoor air problems can be solved with small fixes here and there. The biggest concerns will be issues like mold in the HVAC, which can pose more serious risks. We can discuss these issues if they arise.

Yes! Different services have different warranties, but most of our IAQ services have a 2 year warranty on parts and labor. We stand behind our work.

There may be. Devices like air cleaners can reduce the spread of pathogens, prevent allergens, and more. We’ll talk to you about these benefits openly and honestly, because we want to make sure that you’re only getting the products you need.

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