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Drain Repair


Drain Repair in South Florida

With Miranda Plumbing and Air Conditioning

Every property depends on its drains in order to remove wastewater. But like any plumbing system, over time it can experience clogs, damage, and other issues that cause it to no longer work properly. Once a drain stops working, it becomes an immediate inconvenience, and depending on the location and specific drain challenges, it could be something that brings the entire household to a halt.

At Miranda Plumbing and Air Conditioning, we understand how urgent drain problems can be. That is why we will be there fast to inspect the drain, diagnose the problem, and provide the solutions needed to restore the flow of water out of the property. With competitive rates, the latest technology, and service you can rely on to be there when you need us most, Miranda Plumbing and Air Conditioning is ready to come to your property and solve your problem.

Miranda is based in Port St. Lucie, and available in cities and towns throughout the region including Vero Beach, Jupiter, West Palm Beach, and more.

If you need help with drain cleaning, call us at (844) 335-1585 any time, 24 hours a day, to schedule your Drain Repair appointment.

About Our Complete Drain
Repair Services

In Port St. Lucie and Surrounding Areas

Miranda Plumbing and Air Conditioning has been around since 1981, and has continued to expand its services with new plumbers, new technologies, and new approaches to solving drain related issues.

As a result, we’re able to repair all different types of drain pipe and use solutions that are cost efficient, effective, and long lasting.

Some of the drain pipes we can work with include:

Pipe Lining Services

Cast Iron




Cast Iron


PVC Pipes


Copper Pipes and more​

Drain repair services that
we provide

Different drain issues require different solutions. The approach we use to fix your drain depends on many factors, including the extent of the damage, its location, and the cause.

These are some of the Drain Repair Services that we offer.

Trenchless Pipe Lining

Trenchless pipe lining is one of the most effective ways to repair an aging sewer drain. It involves inflating an epoxy saturated tube within the existing pipe until it hardens to create a smooth, new pipe lining that is rated to last as long as 50 years. It can be completed without any trenches, making it a more affordable and convenient way to address drain pipe problems.

Sewer Pipe Replacement

There are situations when trenchless pipe lining is not possible, and when that occurs, Miranda Plumbing and Air Conditioning can help with sewer pipe replacement. We access the sewer pipe remove the damaged pipe, and replace it with a new pipe that will work properly for years to come.


Clog Removal

In some cases, the issue may be the result of a serious clog. If the issue is a clog, our technology is able to find and remove the clog quickly so that the pipe can start flowing again. We can also provide drain cleaning services to ensure that your drain is working properly and less likely to clog again in the future.

Miranda Plumbing and Air Conditioning can also provide related services, like sewer backflow valve installation, for both residential and commercial customers that are struggling with backflow issues. As a full service plumbing company, Miranda is available to provide drain repair no matter what the issue may be.

Types of Drain Related Challenges

All pipes and drains have a lifespan. Some behaviors can shorten the life of the pipes, such as flushing items that are not biodegradable or pouring oil in the pipes. But even if you adhere to all recommended guidelines, eventually all drains will decay and break.

Once that happens, it becomes important to talk to a professional plumber quickly. Some drain challenges are a simple fix, but others can introduce potentially dangerous problems, including releasing pathogens into the environment or causing faster pipe decay.

Most drains are hidden underground, in the foundation or across your landscape, so you may not know you have a problem right away. But if you pay attention to the signs of drain damage, you’ll know when to call a plumber for an assessment.

Some of the signs of a damaged drain include:

These are often signs of a sewer pipe leak, a damaged pipe, or severe clog, or the growth of tree/plant roots into the sewer line. All of them require the work of a professional plumber to help you fix the issues fast.


How your Drain Repair Service works
in 4 easy steps

Ac Maintenance

Schedule your Drain Repair Services

Call us at (844) 335-1585 or Schedule an Appointment online.
Our customer relationship team will schedule an expert plumber to visit your home at your earliest convenience.

Ac Maintenance

Meet your Plumber

A day before your scheduled service, our team will confirm your appointment and send you an email with your technician's name, a photo, and a short bio with some fun facts about their background.

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Relax while we work

Our plumber will arrive at your front door ready to work on your Drain. While at work, the plumber will wear protective shoe covers in your home at all times and lay down spotless drop covers to protect the workspace and keep your home clean.

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Let us know how we did

Your opinion matters to us. That's why our technicians will always ask you to provide feedback after they complete your AC Maintenance Service. This is also the perfect time to let us know if something went wrong, so we can quickly remedy the situation!

Satisfied Clients


I was very happy with his service. He wore his mask on the entire time, kept a safe distance and wore his paper shoes. He showed me the work that needed to be done and gave me an estimate before starting. Overall very satisfied.


Anita Tuttle


Pedro, very professional in all aspects of the removal and installation of a new water heater for our home. He was polite in his interactions with us, and took care to leave the areas clean, with no issues.


Kenneth Shepard


Remove water heater installed new cold water pipes to kitchen sink. Work was done quickly and very clean and neat I would recommend Miranda plumbing


Bob Soleau

Service Areas

Since 1981, Miranda Plumbing and Air Conditioning has been a part of this local area, bringing the best possible support we can to homes and businesses throughout the region, serving Melbourne, Palm Bay, Fort Pierce, Vero Beach, Palm City, Jupiter, and beyond.

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Drain Repair FAQs

Got questions? We are here to help.

 Yes. If the drain repair services are outside of your budget, we do offer financing options to help pay for it at low interest rates to those that qualify.

The cost to drain repair can vary considerably, depending on the cause of the damage and the extent. Your pipe material, the age of your pipes, and more can also all play a role. Give us a call and we can provide more information. 

In emergencies we can sometimes be there in as little as an hour. For non-emergencies, we can often get you in with same day or next day appointments depending on scheduling and availability. We have many amazing plumbers that work for us, allowing us to provide faster service than some other plumbing companies. 

 No! Despite being inflated and cured inside of the existing pipe, the resulting pipe is very smooth, which can sometimes even lead to faster flow than with the original pipe.

Why Choose Miranda Plumbing?


Miranda Plumbing and Air Conditioning will provide you with full and honest assessment at each and every visit, so that you have your questions answered. There are many different issues that can make drain repair necessary, and we’ll explain the situation in full to you from the beginning, with professional plumbers that are welcoming of your thoughts and concerns.

We do this through:


Always showing up on time.

House services

Treating your property with respect.

Save on Ductless Mini Split Service

Flat rate pricing with no sales pressure.

Drain Repair services team

Our team is licensed, bonded and insured.

Have a problem with your drain?

Miranda Plumbing and Air Conditioning can help.

Schedule Your Drain Repair Today.

Drain issues are both stressful and potentially hazardous. No plumber should add to that stress. It’s why we prioritize on-time appointments, transparent pricing, thorough inspections, and more. It’s also why we make ourselves available for emergency services, because you never know when a drain pipe emergency may happen and it helps to know someone can be there to address the issue fast.

If you have an issue with your drain, and need a drain repair service, give us a call today at (844) 335-1585 or use our online form

We serve both residential and commercial customers, taking on projects both large and small. We have a 24 hour support line that is available to schedule your appointment.